Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Teacg 21 Reflections

Teach 21 has opened a whole new world for me, the world of technology. I have learned new vocabulary , become more comfortable with the computer, and new ways of approaching teaching and learning. Whenever I am beginning to plan a new unit of study, whether it is math, science, reading or social studies, I look for what is available to help me to teach the concepts. I check out websites and look for manipulatives and games on the smartboard. I really have integrated technology into my classroom which would not have happened as quickly if I had not been a part of this workshop. My students, who get bored SO easily, have maintained more interest in whatever I am teaching. They have enjoyed helping me learn. Many times they have been the teachers. I think I have been a model for them for setting goals. I set the goal that I would learn something new on the smartboard each day. Many days they ask me what I learned "today". I think this is huge for them. I then will turn the question around on them and ask them what they have learned today. It makes them pause and think about the importance of learning and being open to it.


Marlo Gaddis said...


I am so proud of you. You have come such a long way this year. It makes me excited to see where next year takes your classroom! Congrats!

Mrs. Edwards said...

The challenge to learn something new each day is a great one. I think you must have really made a connection with the students for them to ask you about what you have learned. I know that with technology, I learn along with my students since we discover things together . . . and at times my students become the teacher to show me something they have learned that I have not. Good luck in continuing your technology learning process!